Can you date younger women? The answer is “Hell Yes” but read on.To many men, dating younger women is a dream. Hey, a lot of men pay to have sex with younger women, but we rarely talk about it, even amongst ourselves. No judgments places here, but that is not what this article is about!First of all, what is a younger woman? It’s for you to decide, but if you are 25 you might consider a 21 to be younger, if in your 30s or 40s you might consider one merely 5 year younger to be younger, etc. As a barely 50 year old man, I’ll be honest: 10-15 years younger scarcely starts to be a “younger woman.” Twenties and early thirties, absolutely.

Now why would a young thing want to date you? Forget about money and good looks (they don’t matter). Hey, they can help but are NOT essential. There are several reasons:1) Men mature more slowly than women. That hot 25 year old may be tired of dating boys. Yes, your age is a benefit here!2) You have a richer life with many more experiences and can bring her into it. Things she dreams about and hopes for, you’ve already experienced. It doesn’t matter if you work in a factory, have stifling child support payments, and are bald, you have experienced much of life and can share. What you consider to be baggage she may find fascinating.3) Let’s be blunt; she may be looking for a father figure. Two of the 20 something year olds I’ve dated had missing fathers when growing up. I was not only a boyfriend but an older experienced man, something they never had. There was no problem here.4) Some women, some say up to 25%, strongly prefer older men. This used to be a problem when I was younger. One stunner (she is still smoking hot at 50) had no interest in men her age ever. As a freshman in college, she dated seniors, etc. Eventually she married an exceptional cool dude about 15 years older than her. She may be hot, but she married out of her league.Notice what I just wrote. Although I hate the terminology (no one is “out of your league”), quite frankly some hot young chicks may consider you “out of their league.” Maybe you are? You need to consider more than just looks when looking at women, although they matter a shit load to us men!Summary: Your age is an advantage – use it that way.

Act your age, not like some kid 5-25 years younger. Yes, you should be youthful. We all should be our entire lives, but a 50 year old wearing a backwards baseball cap and pretending he is 25 is simply ridiculous.Coming up next: Where/How to meet younger women.